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teen idle - marina and the diamonds

Teen Idle inspired by America's idle teens Marina's personal photograph at the backstage of Virgin Mobile Live Free Fest on September 2011

Marina And The Diamonds

Cute pics of Marina Diamandis from Marina and the Diamonds. Wallpaper and background photos of -+-+-Marina Diamandis-+-+-Marina and the Diamonds-+-+- for fans of Marina and the diamonds images.

Electra Heart ♡ I think marina has two different personality the blonde is the one who wants to be a perfect and the dark hair one is just a girl who dosnt care. But there both almost the same they both are depressed girls who are had inside but I love herrrr!!!!

Marina explored the different archetypes of woman in Electra Heart, amazing album.


Hetalia - Ludwig Beilschmidt [Germany] x Feliciano Vargas [Italy Veneziano] - GerIta