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@Crystal Chou Chou Phillips this made me think of our conversation about people having/showing different types of love!

Just don't understand how someone can just up an go talk n sleep with someone else when they told u they loved YOU obviously they didn't actually love you bcuz u don't just stop loving someone a cple weeks or months after a split

So cute!!

Wedding up do hairstyles are a huge favourite among new brides these days. Given here are 10 wedding hair updos for you to check out and try out on your D-day

"Whose Turn Is It" Chart @Celess Tartaglione Tyrell Tartaglione Tyrell Tartaglione Tyrell Tartaglione Tyrell Tartaglione Tyrell - thank you!! This will solve the never ending argument about who sits next to mommy at dinner and who takes a bath first! :)

whose turn is it? love this idea that can be adapted for any family and any household chores, activities, etc. ( I need this for keeping track of whose turn it is to pick the tv show)

apartment over looking the city...IF ONLY. <3 <3 <3

I can't even put it in words but one of my dreams (like, huuuge dreams) is to live in an apartment in clouds, with huge windows so I can wake up in a place like this - with a great view and the sun on everything.

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