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Radio Caroline - 1983-09 - © Peter Harmsen (08)

The tallest antenna ever built on a ship: 90m

The King David (Capital Radio)

Pirate Radio Ships in the 70's

This one did not make it to the book, but it may be in the next edition (if you have bought the book: all future updates will be free with automatic...

Radio 270's ship mv Oceaan 7.

Radio 270 remembered

The stars of British offshore radio from the sixties, seventies and eighties.

Mi Amigo

Norman Barrington's Radio Pages

Norman Barrington, a former DJ recalls personal memories of his time on board the MV Mi Amigo, the home of Radio Caroline

Monique Studio-MV Ross Revenge,North Sea,1988

Monique Studio-MV Ross Revenge,North Sea,1988

Radio Hauraki ship The Tiri II, (formerly the Auckland to Gisborne cargo coaster, The Kapuni built 1909).

Radio Hauraki: The Pirate Days – The Good Guys - AudioCulture

One of the great adventures of the 1960s is now a cinema movie. 3 Mile Limit is the story of the pirate days of Radio Hauraki 1966-1970. The young broadcasters were rebels with a cause. There was a lot to rebel against in the 1960s, as the state-owned