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Whut? Omw....:O

My first thought was wow they look a lot alike. Second thought how did we find this. The FBI should seriously be hiring us. And my third thought, this is a Larry Stylinson child.

I don't know about dying for him, but there's true love there. Lou Lou Bear is special

One directio

It's more like a 5 year old, Miley Cyrus, Zayn, a confused Sherlock Holmes, and a white girl. Zayn is not and never will be normal.

One Direction

Paul, sorry for the fans that make your job even harder. I promise, some of us are sane. Jk jk<<<I second that. Paul is taking care of babies

This Is Y I Cry @Angela Gray Bertasson Tomlinson @Harpreet Khurana Singh Styles @Sabbir Osmani Hafeji Malik @Niall Dunican Dunican Horan @ Liam Payne

First, I did scream slightly, secondly, u cannot just overlook a pic of in the same order as previous pictures, especially if the previous pic is shown.