A salut to Capote/Blake's BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S by me. Sumi ink, oil stick on paper, digital finishes.

Greg Ruth on

Breakfast at Tiffany's is that kind of movie I watch and get me thinking like 'wtf am I doing with my life?' Holly is so independent, beautiful, charming, free.

Forbidden Planet poster by Laurent Durieux this was a really good old sci fi film. #film movie #cinema #posters

Forbidden Planet poster art created by artist Laurent Durieux of Mondo Gallery

Poster Italiano de “Casablanca", 1942

Casablanca (United Artists, Italian Locandina X Nano Art. One of the most - Available at 2013 July 27 - 28 Movie Posters.

Alternative Movie Posters gathers, well, all the alternative movie posters made for fun by designers and illustrators.

Alternative Movie Poster: King Kong - Minimalist retro, very cool for one of my (and my son's) and favorite (B&W) movies of all time!

Casablanca (1942), póster de Francia.

Movie Posters:Academy Award Winners, Casablanca (Warner Brothers, First Post-War Release FrenchAffiche X

el laberinto del fauno

Pan's Labyrinth (El Laberinto del Fauno) Art by Aaron Horkey for Mondo


Beautifully designed Hellboy II poster by Melbourne based illustrator and designer Ken Taylor, for the Alamo Drafthouse @ Mondo. Magnifique poster de Hellboy II par l’Australien Ken Taylor, …

Sin City (2005) [736 x 1043]

The official internet toilet of the most humble comics legend and globe hopping adventurer Brian.