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Solveig Sang
Solveig Sang

Solveig Sang

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Thor hammer Mjolnir with zoomophic wolf head Mjölnir

Mjolnir with viking wolf head zoomorphic, Thor Hammer historic viking marteau $43.98

I love torcs. (which is what this kind of necklace is called if you didn't know.)

RESERVED Dragon's Breath Fire Opal Pendant - Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Necklace

Dragon's Breath Fire Opal Pendant - Silver Wire Wrapped Necklace - Medieval Elven Elvish Jewelry - Heart of Dragon

A high carat gold medieval ring with decorations of berries and leaves, Europe, 14th century. -

Moonlight Torc Necklace Sterling Celtic Magic Fairy Elven Renaissance Medieval Wedding Bridal. $199.99, via Etsy.

Devotional Ring Date: 13th century Culture: British (?) Medium: Gold and sapphire Dimensions: Height 26.6 mm.; hoop inner diam. 20 mm.; hoop outer diam. 23.5 mm; bezel 10 x 13.4 mm.; weight 8.71 g.