Daniel Piotrowski

Daniel Piotrowski

Daniel Piotrowski
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THE GAMERS’ PHONE The ASUS POSEIDON was designed with extreme gamers in mind. It features greater processing power, enhanced battery life and a unique anti-overheating system…


The VW RESeT is named after its goal: to be your perfect place to reset from the daily grind! With RESeT, driving isn& a drag, rather,

Fancy - USB Medical Locket

Medical Locket has an Asclepius, the symbolic serpent entwined around a staff, on the front and a Red Cross on the flash drive.

A bracelet that also projects a holographic, interactive screen right in front of you. Concept from kingyo.

The Mercator is part personal data assistant, part health monitor, part GPS, part shopping assistant, and all must-have cutting-edge technology. New nanotechnology and a tiny AMD processor chip make this functional but stylish piece come together.