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German Gebirgsjäger with Stg44

German mountain trooper - Taken on February 4 1944 in the area of Pripyat Ukraine. Just a side note. For all of you guys still gripping your mag/mag well while shooting; this is how old and pointless your grip is.

Fallschirmjager with a “Panzerschreck” outside of Carentan June 1944.

Fallschirmjager with a “Panzerschreck” outside of Carentan June Wwii, Fallschirmjager

Utah Beach, June 1944

Army troops, members of a U. Navy beach battalion dig in for their first night ashore on a beachhead on the French coast.


40 years today - A Vietnam War Timeline - Page 84 - Armchair General and HistoryNet >> The Best Forums in History


These planes, nicknamed "Puff the Magic Dragon" by the troops, were the same planes used to drop paratroopers in now modified into mobile gun platforms. They were replaced with the larger Spectre gunship during the Vietnam War.