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Maciej Sakwan Sola

Maciej Sakwan Sola
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Apocalyptic. how did they get a picture of me?

tacticalshit: “ RE Factor Tactical Operator Bands with the Tactical Shit logo. These were designed to meet the needs of Special Operations personnel and include ALL of the survival equipment you see.

A Daemon blessed warrior rests, Daemons will often grant their blessings to a group of individuals that are led by a Hellforged, those that are directly blessed

Concept art for Ori

Concept art for Ori from "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" Ori wears violet in this image, but by the completion of the costume as used for filming the woolen fabric became a beautiful lavender shade.

米山啓介 神官オーマ オリジナルキット BAD SEED SPACEBUG

This piece grabbed my attention as i wanted the creatures within the environment to feel quite organic and natural rather than advanced and mechanical.