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I laughed so much at this. It's funnier next to everyone else's cheering. Kageyamas excited for the barbeque

Ouran high school host club.Ü

Ouran high school host club gif<<< Honey senpai is just smiling and being innocent and cute as usual

He looks like a hot Castiel!

I can feel the heat OwO *dies from nosebleed* someone to call an ambulance >.> jk I love that pic of Rin ♡ ω♡ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *dirty thoughts* Anime : Free!

Estos piropos pueden ser muy hot para algunas personas se recomienda discreción…

ENGLISH TRANSLATION Kai: Hello, Good day everyone! I went shopping this weekend and brought gifts for all of you. Everyone: Jesus, OMG, Holy cow, gifts!