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little catelyn and petyr at the ball<a storm of swords> Cat and Petyr

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The perfect Petyr Baelish chart.

Winter is not going to get here for at least five more books. Warning: SPOILERS ARE COMING.

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Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish // Game of Thrones cosplay group http://www.gameofthronescosplay.com | by Sara Manca http://heiligershadowfax.deviantart.com/

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Visst har även du drömt om att en dag spränga banken med storvinsten?


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Scribbles of a mind

Could I request Adventure Time Littlefinger? Your drawings are quality. And voila - some warm-up before the livestream to night.

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The Master of Coin also known as “Littlefinger” is a self made man. Incredibly smart and suave, he ascended the social ladder as if he were merely climbing a tree. To him the game of thrones is just that: a game. But make no mistake, this charming and witty man holds incredible power over finances and people.