Professor Ninja Dutch / Video App Preview (Trailer for iPhone)

Professor Ninja Dutch / Display Languages: You can choose between 9 display languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Japanese, Russian and Polish.

Professor Ninja Dutch / Pronunciation: You can record each word or phrase yourself, and compare your recording to the original.

Professor Ninja Dutch / Child Mode: The app is designed to be used by the young and old alike. In addition, very young users will benefit from the Child Mode that allows the app to be used by children who are not yet able to read. In Child Mode only picture-based questions are used.

Professor Ninja Dutch / Responsive Feedback: Thanks to responsive feedback, you will immediately understand your weaknesses and be able to improve.

Professor Ninja Dutch / Lots of Tests: A variety of different tests let you practice and reinforce your vocabulary in an easy and fun way.

The Professor Ninja Dutch app contains 1000 carefully selected words and phrases, covering the main areas of everyday vocabulary (eg. family, numbers, nature, travel, school, pastimes). To ease the learning process, each word and phrase is accompanied by a picture and an audio recording by a professional native speaker.

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