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I was recently contacted by Mathieu St-Pierre, a glitch artist from Montreal that now lives & works in South Korea. “But wait”, you say, “What is this glitch art you speak of…

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I'd give it 4 * (out of The game play is different than other games, and allows for multiple strategies.


''Campaign of Muscovites. Ivanov, Medieval Russians used skis to facilitate transportation during their winter campaigns.


All the Life Magazine Photos. Life at an American base on Tarawa in the Gilbert Islands, Just like the musical. The American base on the atholl.

red crested cardinal

Red-Crested Cardinal (Brazilian Cardinal) is often seen in pairs on lawns or in trees. It's a fairly aggressive species, introduced to Hawaii @ 1930 from South America. It's now common in Oahu and Maui; feeds on seeds, plant matter, insects, fruits.

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Drawn From Nature