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Clone Club // Orphan Black // Helena // LOVE IT!!!

Me too Frank. BUT, the others stories break my heart!!!

Yeah...he does get pretty drunk. On the night I saw him, he came in stage with a bandage around his hand because the night before he went the bar and played the drums with two beer bottles. Yet he still broke his strings three times. ❤️❤️

Ok, so maybe it is not realistic for my good day to include tea with Ben Cumberbatch, but this is a Pinterest board for what I think is a good day, so why not?

that's a silly notion, but he was a terrible example. He was too emotional to be a jedi. as shown by ALL of the movies.

Tabby Minton. A close, long term friend of Akira's they started training together.

YEAH LIKE WHAT IS THIS! Glad I'm not the only one that noticed! L O V E H I M < 3

🥀✖️ Green Day ✖️🥀