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You don't even have to have a beautiful face to have an original photo which takes your breath away

We see everything around us. We think that is beautiful. We dont look above our heads. We dont see sky. This is the most beautiful thing we could ever seen but we dont look on it.

The sky is so beautiful. Brok, Poland

Hope to have it in the future !

The sky is so wonderful

How you feel walking in the dark alone? If you have a family whatever you do they will be with you... Remember it if you are scared of life...

oh thak You God for such a beautiful viem

Czasami milczenie jest lepsze od potoku słów... Sometimes it is better not to talk too much...

Where could I go withoutmy feet ? Where could I go without paths ? Where could I go without my JESUS ? Gdzie mogłabym pójść bez moich stóp? Gdzie mogłabym pójść bez dróg? Gdzie mogłabym pójść bez Mojego JEZUSA?

Cementary by night. Cmentarz nocą.

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