Sylwia Stanisławska
Sylwia Stanisławska
Sylwia Stanisławska

Sylwia Stanisławska

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Palmtrees na Instagramie: „there's something special about italian summer 💫🍕 #venice #lifewelltravelled #lovetravel”

Hotel La Semilla, Playa del Carmen, Mexico | Find Us Elsewhere

Playa del Carmen

Hotel Le Semilla, Playa del Carmen Mexico

Meghan Markle’s Insider Guide to Tulum

El Tábano Tulum // Meghan Markle's Insider Guide to Tulum

Consolidado: Rosetta

Restaurante Rosetta. Colima 166, Roma Norte #DF

Mercado Roma - This three-story mega-market, akin to Chelsea Market in New York City or Grand Central Market in LA, harbors mini-kiosks of some of the city's best restaurants: Butchers and Sons with its stacked burgers; creative tapas at Oli; heirloom corn antojitos at Tlaxcalli Amantolli; as well as stands peddling French macarons, local cheeses, and a bar serving Mexican wines to sip while shopping or perusing the herb garden. There's a beer garden on the third floor's open-air rooftop

Secret Garden. Coqui Coqui Valladolid, Mexico.

Constructed with unparalleled craftsmanship and ephemerally averse in design the Sanará Studio is a light filled sanctuary. Central to the skilled teachings of Yoga, Dance, and Meditation, the purposely positioned workshop gazes upon the magical turquoise sea that is the Riviera Maya.

Massage Table with a View