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Too many prints for breakfast I think not
Neutral gorgeous bath
These 12 perfectly pink kitchens knock it out of the park. From pink cabinets, flooring, lighting, appliances and everything else you can image, they've got pink in all the right places.
Hotel tip: white can make small spaces seem much roomier than they are! And of course... they are peaceful
Fringe details are perfect for that bohemian style look!
when they move in otgether, they're going to have a cozy little kitchen table and intimate dinners. (emma already has a little table like this in her apartment)
How darling are these embroidered works of art by artist Sarah K. Benning? Inspired by the outdoor landscapes and indoor gardens in Menorca, Spain, where she recently relocated from New York, Sarah starts each piece with a drawing and then painstakingly fills it in with embroidery floss. The
Whew! Check out that XL!
Vertical Striped Embroidery Tie Blouse