Simple Line Icons (Free PSD, Webfont) by GraphicBurger , via Behance

Simple Line Icons (Free PSD, Webfont) by GraphicBurger , via Bechance, perfect for your bullet journal

Marbre Sans free font by Youssef Habchi, via Behance

This is a really stylish font that I think could be really nice for a title especially. Found by: Marbre Sans free font by Youssef Habchi, via Behance

16 Adventure Badges & Logo Template #design Download:

16 Adventure Badges & Logo

Adventure badges and logos are more complex but I love the way the type and images connect, I think that relationship is good to understand when developing this logo.

Branding to the fine-dining Japanese and Korean restaurant named Black Ship. As it's designer says " Japanese Kanji, Korean Hanja and American typography are blended in the Black Ship branding, representing the three clashing cultures that influence the cuisine." By Daniel Führer Desing

Blackship Imperial Seal

This is the official seal/logo for Blackship Imperial. It uses real imagery of a fish to stand out and a bright red seal placed directly in the middle. The arrangement of type in a circle makes it look professional. The tone of voice is quirky and fun

"It's Citrus Season in California" print- designed by Emma Dime. The font is a semi-serif font called Banda, designed by Alexander Nedelev & Veronika Slavova

Banda Number of styles : 14 Classification : Semi-Serif Designers : Alexander Nedelev & Veronika Slavova Get it here —> : Type Depot

Lonesome Badge

Lonesome Badge

Style idea for logo. symmetrical design and consistent line width throughout. Plays off the the badge idea.


Charitable Filmaking : Mark Update 3

How to Beautify A Dollar Store Vase For Free. This was such an easy and great makeover that anyone could do. Plus it fits my budget! See more

How to Beautify a Dollar Store Vase For Free

Graphic design inspiration

Graphic design inspiration

The Final Ascent : Seattle Central Creative Academy Portfolio Show 2012 — Concept and design for the 2012 Portfolio campaign go to: Jeremy Grant, Neil Palmer and Christian Valencia. Logomark by Jeremy Grant. Website by Neil Palmer