Frank Donga Speaks Out On Ebola  #ChroniclesOfFrankDonga   #Ebola

Our serial job hunter is obviously concerned about the threatening Ebola virus; he gives advice to a youth on how to detect the symptoms of Ebola and how to .

Anywhere but Chibok

Anywhere but Chibok

Bad Ish Spreads Further Than Good Ish

you do a great job at work and you get a direct email commending you. But the moment you mess ish up.the email chain explodes to

boko insta

In light of the recent and tragic Nyanya bombings, the boko haram chatter amongst Nigerians has increased. Most people are discussing how to counter boko haram,

Fact Checking Sadiq Abacha’s Letter

Yesterday, I read Sadiq Abacha’s letter to Wole Soyinka. My immediate gut reaction was to immediately mark down the article as one of many crazed and delusional


If Dale Carnegie was around to write a sequel to his 1936 classic, How to Win Friends and Influence People, surely exposing oneself to ridicule over social media would be among his platitudes.

Some people will not kill me with lafta. Where's our ooo?

Africa for Norway - New Video! Radi-Aid - Warmth for Xmas  " It will take a lot of videos to get rid of decades of brainwashing "

Africa for Norway - New Video! Radi-Aid - Warmth for Xmas Fantastic for critical analysis of relief and stereotypes.

Let's save Africa! - Gone wrong   LMAOOO....OOO! ... "Stereotypes HARM Dignity!"

Let's save Africa! - Gone wrong - "Voluntourism todays new dishonest market"- "reach into your hearts, dig into your pockets" Stereotypes harm dignity - Challenge the perceptions