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3/20/16 - Madison Beer out in Hollywood.

Madison Beer Photos - Madison Beer shops at 'The Grove' in Hollywood on March The singer took pictures with some fans. - Madison Beer Greets Fans While Shopping In Hollywood

Guys, I'm starting a life now. I'm moving on, I'm moving out of the house. I've been getting into a lot of trouble lately though... So I'm basically getting the heck outta this state. I'm going to New York and starting a life. I know I'm 18 and you fog and I could go to college but honestly, you all know me. My destiny is living the free life and I basically tell myself everyday YOLO. I'll miss you guys though.. (So I'll still be on the board for Jacob and Jade but won't have Bria here) Bye…

*walking outside* I wish my crush liked me! *a black figure pulls her in the dumpster* Oww! *gets knocked out and her mouth is taped shut*~Madison

Madison Beer <3

*Smirks and laughs* Poor Liv what will she think when she finds out oh well who cares I'm happy and that's all that matters!