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ArtStation - Photo shape mech, longque Chen

kow yokoyama is another master model maker and concept designer that gives me so much inspirations. I really like those unique, soft, organic, shapes from his works, its fun to introduce his concept into my works.

Host01 by on @DeviantArt

Probably one of my favorite canned monsters for Evolve: The Host. Went through a lot of disturbing iterations based off the ideas originally concocted by the ever talented TJ Frame. The Original pass of the monster by Scott can be seen here:

Safaan, Tam Nguyen on ArtStation at

Safaan is the big Creature of a sulfur planet. It lives on the plain with it community. Safaan is one of the creatures on the top of food tree. It has a weird pores system on the body, When it actives, the body will create sulfur sweat, the sweat become