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Dani smiles as she watches her daughter laugh with the farmers son. Her father would have a fit, of course, but she remembered when she was a young girl and the love she felt for her best friend. She didn't want to raise her daughter with the same twisted morals of not mixing to taint her daughter as it did her.

" She said, grabbing his hand and running out into the middle of the room. They ran until they were both sissy from spinning in circles and collapsed on the ground in a heap of laughter

#wattpad #random in which i give you a bunch of aesthetic gifs for your creations. DISCLAIMER: i do not own all the gifs i post; a majority will come from tumblr, though some of them are mine.

in which i give you a bunch of aesthetic gifs for your creations.

all it takes is a single look, and kiredan’s hand shoots for his dagger. the iron bull, he called himself, as he took rune’s hand in his. one wrong move, kiredan thinks.

a collection of cute ass gifs for your writing needs PERMANENTLY CLOSED AND COMPLETED. it's been lit started on: may 2017 *if u like organization i don't recommend looking @ this* ib:

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