#Zelo #BAP I see no difference

So cute ^^. Zelo baba is so adorable! I want to look after him like a mama bear…

Zelo Kpop funny

My face when a child disobeys and decides to stand up and move about the room for the time, hah


probably my most favourite picture of zelo


This best be fetus cuz Zelo that hair needs to go back to Himchan! It's not yo color baby


When your kpop obsession has made you think that crazily dyed hair is normal and attractive. :) // when I see them with normal black hair I just go "wait, that's not normal" before realizing what I just said

[!!!!] B.A.P's Zelo has BLUE hair now!!

Zelo with blue(ish) hair❗he gets a % for pulling of this hair colour from me ya know

Zelo - BAP but zelo does blue eyebrows and hair waaaaay better!!!!!!!!!!!! kekekekekeke @Maria Canavello Mrasek Henderson Chandler @Bethany Shoda Shoda Rose

You should have been born with blue eyes! If you were, then your eyes would match your eyebrows XD


Fact: Zelo likes smart girls who are good at things he's weak at. He likes girls who looks pretty when smiling