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Poor Germany! England and Russia are so mean! Hetalia

Aph England, Aph Germany and Aph Russia

YES! ..........Sammie I am sorry you have to put up with this all day.........

Shine Bright like a Doitsu<<< My sister set this as the background for our computer. So many pictures. of shining bright like a doitsu.

Hetalia LOL

Top Picture: Me when I'm talking to someone normally. Bottom Picture: Me when I'm talking to someone who loves Hetalia! :D Hetalia fans are the best!<---it would be me if I ever got the chance to talk to someone who loves Hetalia

Love Captive by shouri - Hetalia - America / England -

Well, America rescuing England wasn't quite as simple as this. As I remember America tied England to his plane and saved him.