Fuck Off

Fuck Off

Polska / Music Is All!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Beautiful & Sexy Metalhed & Redhead Girl <3
Fuck Off
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Angela Gossow, lead singer of Arch Enemy. That is one badass bitch!!!

Angela Gossow, lead singer of Arch Enemy and one of the best Anarcho-feminists and animal rights activists in the history of metal music.

Alice Cooper

Free piano sheet music Cold Ethyl by Alice Cooper. "Cold Ethyl" is a song by Alice Cooper from his eighth studio album, Welcome to My Nightmare, released in It is a concept album;

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne (UK) - went to concert where he bit head off the bird literally-met him with band at Marriott hotel in STL - he gave my nephew his autograph - luv Ozzy!