Speed drawing / speed art.

Here's a collection of videos where I speed draw a random thing, usually related to gaming.
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Do you like Donkey Kong Arcade? I do and I like drawing too, so here's a speed art/drawing of the game's poster! And my remix/cover of the music used in the game! :) Get the song here: https://goo.gl/4hWoZ8 Music and art by MotionRide.

Here's my second speed art / speed drawing in GIMP. This time it's Super Mario Bros 3 cartridge. If you want to draw along with the video just pause it to better see particular lines. The song used in the video is MotionRide - 99 Lives [LSDJ Game Boy Chiptune]. You can listen to it here: https://youtu.be/xzJv4URl4A0?list=PL_FCm7DZjW7XR4_CHtKjRv7m9IeSXwO0W or get it here: Get the song here: https://motionride.bandcamp.com/track/99-lives-left-lsdj-gameboy-chiptune :) Music and art by…

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Here's a Heroes of the Storm Johanna Speed Art Speed/Drawing (without color or shading) in GMIP. Currently, she's my favourite character to play. Songs used in the video: MotionRide - Still [EDM Chiptune] https://goo.gl/IakKrP MotionRide - Happy Song [EDM Chiptune] https://goo.gl/NuiHdL Music and art by MotionRide.

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Hey! Here's my speed drawing of Hot Wheels 70 Buick GSX toy car. I changed colors from blue/grey to red/grey. Hope you like it! The song in the video is MotionRide - The Second 1 [EDM Chiptune]: http://bit.ly/1Iq9R52 Music and art by MotionRide.

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