See the world more clearly by choosing stillness.                                                                                                                                                     More

Pico Iyer on What Leonard Cohen Teaches Us about Presence and the Art of Stillness

Johann Philippe Ferdinand Preiss figurin ca.1925

Johann Philipp Ferdinand Preiss (February 1882 – July was a German sculptor. He was one of the leading sculptors of the Art Deco period.

Sister Golden: Ilustraciones con mucho flower power

Sister Golden: Ilustraciones con mucho flower power (

Print of original flower portrait by Vicki Rawlins Read Vicki's Flower Art Statement Hi-resolution print on premium quality archive paper with a matte finish Because of the quality of the original

Totum Revolutum: Art Déco: Demetre Chiparus y sus bailarinas criselefantinas.

Art Déco chryselephantine figure by Ferdinand PREISS (hva)


Lily Star Gazer (Oriental) One of my favorite flowers! The scent is amazing and strong. Great tip for cut bouquets: When blossoms start to open cut off the stamen. No messy pollen to drop on the furniture anymore.

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My favorite flower is the lotus flower. The symbolism is amazing.something that thrives in a dark muddy murky environment to push toward the surface of the water and bloom with such vivid beautiful color. I want to be more like the lotus.