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The Ultimate Character Questionnaire A character questionnaire can be a great way to inspire a bit (or a lot) more detail about your characters.  This list has been compiled from various sources around the net and in books and also our own brains. If you see any duplicates in the list please let us know, and if you have any additional questions we haven't thought of, email us if you'd like us to add them.
Love this. Especially numbers 6 and 10
Many of us writers tend to fall back on the same descriptions of gestures and body language over and over again. This long list can help! #writing #novels #nanowrimo
How to do a messy bun... this is my official hair style. ;)
Celtic Knot Hair Tutorial... i tied about 1000 of these for my wedding, i can totally figure this out in my hair right?
Brad Simpson iphone wallpaper. The Vamps - Shout About It. Cute, handsome, Bradley, hot, guitar, live, quote
Zooey Deschanel iphone wallpaper. She & Him - Black Hole (volume 1). Smile, field, bike, bicycle, beautyful, eyes
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Pin if you think there should be a tangled 2 ... it should be about their child or something like that