Maria Hosu

Maria Hosu

Pologne, Crocow / I am just a gay girl
Maria Hosu
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Randy Harrison - randy-harrison foto

wallpaper and background foto of Randy Harrison for fan of Randy Harrison images.

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Elliot kissing Hayden goodbye in the livingroom while he goes off to the fightclub to make sure everything's running smoothly; he told Hayden that he runs an underground night club, so wouldn't have a clue about Letje's purpose.

here's what Jesus said about homosexuality, wait for it! "_________________________" the end

God did mention homosexuality (Leviticus but that was in the Old Testament, before Jesus came and sacrificed himself to rid us of our sins. God loves everyone, and anti-gay Christians need to understand that. Do not judge others, for all sins are equal.

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The cast of Will & Grace with Carson Kressley & Gale Harold in December '03

Magazine photos featuring Vanity Fair Magazine [United States] December on the cover. Vanity Fair Magazine [United States] December magazine cover photos, back issues and newstand editions.