So true so why do it?!

I no longer feel this way. I don't feel like I am on a diet and if I am, well then, Dieting is when you eat food that makes you glad!

Just died hahaha

As a man married for 18 years... This is truth...

Who are we? To get our girlfriends to stop hiving orders. What time sweetie?

I just died

I need this.

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I would have to agree with my precious Legolas! :p

Funny pictures about YOLO Alternatives. Oh, and cool pics about YOLO Alternatives. Also, YOLO Alternatives photos.

every day of our lives.

When a man says "It's not in there, I looked. It's called "man eyes"

Why is this so funny!? Lol

Slightly Upset Cat

Funny pictures about Slightly Upset Cat. Oh, and cool pics about Slightly Upset Cat. Also, Slightly Upset Cat photos.

funny naruto memes - Google Search - check more it even has Tobi is Itachi *facepalm*

Itachi's surrounded by idiots. But really "Tobi is sasuke in the future" LIKE HOW!

19 sposobów na to jak być mistrzem trollowania –

19 sposobów na to jak być mistrzem trollowania – Demotywatory.

Język czeski jest prosty - I taki śmieszny!!!

Język czeski jest prosty - I taki śmieszny!

18057176_1338487359573793_182634739954936756_n.jpg (496×960)

18057176_1338487359573793_182634739954936756_n.jpg (496×960)

Hahaha Thank god my kids don't want to dress trashy! I'll take my tom boys over that any day!

That's awesome! My husband was like heck yeah I will do that to our kids. Wear that shirt too, "oh u like short shorts so do I. c'mon kids we're movies" oh how I love my husband.