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27 Interesting Facts About The Viking Lifestyle

trenzado tiras cuero -(braiding tutorial and it's easy to follow) I see this in…

How to make silver wire Birka style posaments

In 1904 a remarkable archaeological site was uncovered at Oseberg, Norway. It consisted of an astonishingly well-preserved Viking ship that contained the remains of two women along with a wide array of accompanying grave goods. This vessel, which is widely celebrated as one of the finest finds of the Viking Age, had been buried within a large mound or haugr. The ship under excavation.

Viking Oval Brooch, 9thCCopper alloy oval brooch, pair to no 2: single shell construction; cast lattice-work frame decoration, bossed at intersections, containing Style III profile animal interlace; textile impressions on back from casting processFound: Norway, Hordaland, Gjerstad, Maele Farm

The amazingly weird and wonderful embroidery fragment from the Oseberg ship. Museum : Kulturhistorisk museum, UiO. MuseumNo : O1904_tekstil. InventoryNo : CfO0674. There are scans of the watercolour drawings of this fragment from Osebergfunnet Vol 4 here:

Viking age grave find from Havor, Hablingbo, Gotland, Sweden. 371932. SHM 7785:81i. Carnelian and glass. In the Historiska Museet, Stockholm.

Detail of Viking necklace from Saffron Walden

Man In Norway Finds 1,265-Year-Old Viking Sword While Hiking

A sword is the last thing you'd expect to find on a walk -- especially one that's more than a millennium old.