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oh boy

bibinella: “ ‘I want to know more about half-bloods,’ Rachel insisted. ‘And monsters.’ She grabbed my arm, whipped out a permanent marker and wrote a phone number on my hand. ‘You’re going to call me and explain, okay?

Normal person: that's kinda harsh, Fandom: Awwwe Romantic.

“And this is Annabeth.” Jason said. “Uh, normally she doesn’t judo-flip people.” ♥<<This was a glorious scene in the book.

Lol look at Nico and will

Lol look at Nico and will<<< even better look at Leo's face<<<Look at Percy covering hazel

It's not anything personal...i just like percy more.

I'm gonna defend Jason here.Jason has probably done almost as much as Percy has. We just know more about Percy. Now don't get me wrong percy will always be my number 1 but we just don't know anything about Jason.

Reyna and Annie

I’m fond of the armor I drew on the ladies on my zine piece, so I need to find more excuses to draw them in it. Here’s the two resident female camp leader babes. They are an interesting exercise in contrast. - Reyna and Annabeth by jovaline

Clarissa and Frank

mirelleortega: “ mirelleortega: “ ARES/MARS by -MirelleOrtega Holy shit! I think this is my favorite thing I’ve ever thought/drawn/painted… Clarisse and Frank NEED to go on a quest together!