Laka Competition'16 | WINNERS

More than 250 Participants from 40 countries submitted 127 designs to this year’s “Architecture that Reacts”! We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for all the Participants for their inspiring input in the development and promotion of the idea of architecture which responds to the social and environmental needs. A huge thanks to Laka’s Judges, Partners, Media Partners for their support, consultancy and promotion!
13 Piny28 Obserwujący
HONORABLE MENTION REG. NO. 0116 “Urban Acupuncture” by Tyler Laird, Harrison Smith (Architecture Students, University of Colorado Boulder).
HONORABLE MENTION REG. NO. 0035 “PHENIX MEETS CHIMERA” by Humberto Miguel Aguiar Pereira (Architect), Luis Duarte Ferro (Architect)
HONORABLE MENTION REG. NO. 0115 “The Vertical Tree Burial – Architectural Reaction to Developing World And Constant Beliefs” by Huihui Luo, Runjia Tian, Sibo Qin, Yuhan Wu, Ziyi Xu (Architecture Students)
HONORABLE MENTION REG. NO. 0057 “WATER PER MOVE” by Asmaa Almunayes (Bachelor in Civil Engineering, Master Student in Architecture school)
HONORABLE MENTION REG. NO. 0058 “[FLINCH]: the first line in catastrophic hurricanes” by Adrienne Strohm
HONORABLE MENTION REG. NO. 0142 “Drift City: Architecture’s Reaction to Sea Level Rise” by mcdowellespinosa: Seth McDowell (Architect, Assistant Professor, University of Virginia), Rychiee Espinosa (Architect), Brad Brogdon (Architect)
HONORABLE MENTION REG. NO. 0150 “Pop Up Places of Worship” by Lucas Boyd, Chad Greenlee
HONORABLE MENTION REG. NO. 0107 “Green Umbrella” by Dr. Hee Sun (Sunny) Choi (Urban Designer), Jorge Sainz de Aja Curbelo (Architect, Urban design researcher), Tony Chiu Cheuk Lun (Design Assistant), Eason Yeung Kit (Design Assistant)
HONORABLE MENTION REG. NO. 0055 “Hexapods: a new vernacular architecture” by Maricruz Miranda-López (Architect & Interior Designer), Sofía Amodio-Bernal (Architect, Senior Designer), Bridget Munro (Architect, Architectural Designer)
HONORABLE MENTION REG. NO. 0075 “Socially Active Ecosystems” by ASA Studio – Active Social Architecture: Alice Tasca (Partner Architect), Francesco Stassi (Partner Architect), Zeno Riondato (Partner Architect), Jaime Velasco Perez (Architect), Christian Karagire (Architect)

Więcej pomysłów
2ND PRIZE: project no. 0112 “SUBURBAN SWELL” by Ryan Clement, Eric Dell’Orco, USA
3RD PRIZE: project no. 0101 “URBAN OASIS / Synergetic, living prototypes” Markus Jeschaunig (Artist, Architect / Agency in the Biosphere), AUSTRIA
Building with Bamboo-- very instructive about what happens if you don't prep correctly, or mishandle it while setting up for a build with bamboo. Also some good information about why it's good
Low Cost House by Vo Trong Nghia Architects. lightweight steel frame roof structure and layered walls of corrugated polycarbonate and bamboo.
Bramasole by Herbst Architects
Youth Center In Niafourang / Project Niafourang
Gallery of Toigetation 2 / H&P Architects - 5
Gallery of Brick House / Architecture Paradigm - 23