Laka Competition'15 | WINNERS

Laka Architektura is pleased to announce the winners of Laka Competition’15: Architecture that Reacts. The first edition of the competition met with interest among leading architectural magazines, international professionals from a discipline of architecture, design, robotics and almost 200 designers from more than 30 countries that submitted their entries. The Jury, formed by leaders in architecture and design, selected 3 main prizes and 10 honorable mentions.
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1st prize: Fluid Architecture Author: Calvin Fung. Research with Victor Huynh. (Canada) Reg. no. 0084

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Honorable mention: The DorzeHouse 2.0 Team: Architecture and Vision / Arturo Vittori / (Italy) Reg. no. 0032

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Honorable mention: OYSTOWER Team: Christopher James, Jori Erdman, Giovanni Coakley (USA) Reg. no. 0040

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Honorable mention: Tour Moustic Author: Séni Boni Dara (Benin) Reg. no. 0002

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Honorable mention Team: Ashlin Milton, Hina Shah, Jillian Clifford, Panayiotis Paschalis (UK) Reg. no. 0064

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3rd prize: Genesis of Human Hive Author: Sungwhan Kang (South Korea) Reg. no. 0041

2nd prize: Alveolus Author: Joseph Mwaisaka (Pakistan) Reg. no. 0012

Honorable mention: PROGRAMME-d Author: Sana Jahani (USA) Reg. no. 0092

Honorable mention: MUTUALISTIC SOUNDSCAPE Author: Chan Chun Yin (Hong Kong) Reg. no. 0048

Honorable mention: WARM SOUVENIRS Author: Giselle Bouron (Denmark) Reg. no. 0005

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