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Show me your moves!!! (Nintendo fans get that reference)

(gif) "In which Sherlock is Lindsey Stirling. How did the internet ever survive without this.>> my orchestra teacher told us to play like Lindsey Sterling and I thought of this gif

This is a train wreck

Wow so many mistakes. Still one of my favourite movie series of all time. Many people hate on it but I think it was a phenomenal series where the super heron as flawed and some of the villains are heroic <<<<<< Gotta love the original Spider-Man movies

A pole dancing Sherlock chibi? How could I NOT pin it? LMAO!

A pole dancing Sherlock gif. Words cannot describe my love for this. His stripper name is Bluebell XD Can we all just imagine Benedict/Sherlock pole dancing for a minute?) << i want a drunk sherlock again and i want him to pole dance.

sherlock | Alice X. Zhang  I don't even care how this happened... just.. just this gif is so beautiful.. so beautiful..

gif of Benedict Cumberbatch dancing (or flailing.) WARNING: Do not watch this is you've just taken a drink of something, I almost spit water all over my computer screen when I watched this<--- THIS IS HOW I DANCE

Try it with any song… i just tried it with Aerosmith's Dream On. this pictures statement is FALSE!

update: I tried with all my songs and yes I know it doesn't work with every song. I just think it works if you play the song on time or it works with some sort of upbeat song. But yea, it doesn't work perfectly like you would expect.