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BTS | JHOPE; he's impossibly beautiful. I'm seriously thinking about letting him join Tae as my bts bias

People who say jhope is ugly, get an eye test and some common sense and then come back

I got: 13 Right! - Which kpop boy group do they belong to?

And here we have 2 hyungs jumping like complete pabos. We also have a sassy chim chim and leadernim doing their signature dance of their people. There is 2 gorgeous maknaes doing the tree of life from EXO. And lastly we have a suga

Look at this when you're sad | K-Pop Amino

When you realize your friend got more lines than you in the play although you've had more training and experience and are nicer to the director. *sighs* Yoongi is even her bias>>honey I'm sorry for your loss