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Ho, ho, ho, motherfµcker!

I never know whether to put things like this in "Faith in Humanity is Restored" or not because on the one hand, go Santa! On the other hand, it's insanely depressing and sickening that child molesters exist,>>>MOST BADASS SANTA EVER

Johnny bravo and evil samurai jack

A requester from Patreon asked me what Mad Johnny would be like, so this is kinda of my take on it. I pretty much think that Mad Johnny would be spawn from frustration and hatred like Mad Jack but.


ponkuno: “ Johnny Bravo & Samurai Jack - Johnny/Jack I really wanted to draw these two with both western and eastern influenced style fashion~ The samurai fashion is based on wedding style male kimonos and the dapper fashion is based on northwestern.

Johnny bravo and samurai Jack

Samurai Jack And Johnny Bravo The Best Friends 2017 Tribute song : Juicy J Wiz Khalifa Ty Dolla sign - Shell Shocked ft. Kill The Noise & Madsoni