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dumbledorathexplora: “ 紅鈴 ”

See this is the part of Hetalia we don't like. The part that's actually serious. The part that hurts us more than the average person. The part we can all relate to. No matter where we are, what our nationality, Hetalians feel the same pain.

2p!England 2P!Japan, words cannot express my love for this picture

words cannot express my love for this picture-------> here is how i express my love! *Screeches at the screen for 5 minutes*

Wasn't gonna pin but then I saw 2p Germany and wow <--- Saaaammmeeee..... *whistles with admiration*<--- Me too ^-^

Wasn't gonna pin but then I saw Germany and wow << LOL right? And then Oliver's face is absolutely accurate to how I probably looked<<<But why does he remind me of Pete Wentz?

APH: Hunt by xiaoyugaara

Treaty of Non-Aggression between Nazi Germany and the USSR. the pact broke when Germany attacked/invaded the Soviet Union.

Hetalia Belarus No don't cry :(

It's okay Belarus! You are so much more than you make yourself out to be!

My feels!!!!

Prussia and Germany, brothers. GOD NOW I'M CRYING I can just hear Germany saying:" no brother, I WILL NOT LET YOU GO!" <<< I thought I could do this without crying, but nooo. My heart is breaking!