Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika Karolina

The patterns and colors added into this chihuahua looks abstract and very "funky" in a good way. It adds such a powerful color scheme to the whole art in a positive way.

Portrait of Pet Couturier Anthony Rubio with his muses celebripups Bogie and Kimba. Photo by Yoni Levi

Pet couturier Anthony Rubio arrives carrying his muses #Celebripups Bogie and Kimba wearing couture ensembles in tweed, to an event while being filmed for a BBC program in New York City.

Anthony Rubio Pet Couturier designed this Lime Green and Powder Blue beaded tuxedos with top hats for his celebripups/ Couture Dogs/ Chihuahuas Bogie and Kimba and created his own tie and top hat to wear to the 2014 New York Easter Bonnet Parade. Photo Courtesy: Lev Radin www.AnthonyRubioDesigns.com

Cleo & Margaret my love

Polish Champion MRS MARGARET Kadachi FCI