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No longer restricted to the habitation of, say, cows, sheep, tractors or potatoes, a prefabricated barn can be a very useful, versatile and beautiful addition to any property, even a suburban family home.

No countryside is complete without the sight of a classic red barn. Country Carpenters delivers pre-engineered, pre-cut, and color-coded post-and-beam beam building kits to most states in the U.

Goat milking Stand - I like the tool caddy on the side...

Picking milking goats for the homestead. Milking goats are easier to care for than cows, eat off the land and need only half or less of the barn space a cow requires.

How to raise goats? To take proper care of the goats in your backyard farm or homestead isn't rocket science, but it does take some preparation.

Good goat raising tips here. To increase time between hoove trimmings, place ten to twelve rough cinder blocks in the pen with the holes turned to the side. It will provide both filing and entertainment!

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