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Collab Commission for  Jiro Akio and Aoi Kobayashi (c) KobayashiSoul Sketch © MissLLeTrush  Lineart, color and shading © Sauto-0chka

Collab Commission for Jiro Akio and Aoi Kobayashi (c) KobayashiSoul Sketch © MissLLeTrush Lineart, color and shading ©

izumi sena | ringo23

A moment after Ryouma clears up the confusion, he reveals that Izumi is a boy and Izumi does a rather impressive quick change act right on stage

Love Stage. My first experience with yaoi. Not as creepy as I expected! It was actually pretty awesome.

love stage funniest throng I've ever watched for more on Love stage watch the Ova! Online it's a gut buster for laughter that one

And then I fall asleep and get mad at myself, not for falling asleep on the couch, but for missing the episode

Otaku stamina doesn't last long--> mine lasts till about 4 in the morning then it shuts down XD