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Sometimes, 'he says, his voice all sandpaper rough and wickedly suggestive, “the reward is better than the punishment. I bite my bottom lip as potential rewards play in my mind.

Naughty girl

Men and women are highly visual making erotic imagery an incredibly potent passion trigger. Simply looking at sexy pictures can make you feel more sensual and sexy. So go ahead and open the optic channels of your sexual desire.

My place to share with the world those images, ideas and thoughts that catch my eye. From simple B&W photography to more graphic sexually explicit visuals. Erotic, Sexy, Sensual and just plain hot.

Bloody mess (scheduled via

Below all my flesh, though you wouldn't have guessed, but believe me theres very much more.For you've but no idea, what lies deep, and whats truly in store. " for more poetry please feel free to visit my boards".