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like interconnected stars

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Miyuki Kazuya x Sawamura Eijun

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"Do you like One Piece?” "Until the day that Kuma sent them flying, Ace died and Luffy broke and Brook is still alone? Yes, I like One Piece.

Yuri On Ice. Victor Nikiforov, Yuuri Katsuki.

Yuri On Ice.

Ace - beautiful fanart, i'm totally freakin out right now :D

El hace que me sienta tan orgullosa de el, por ser quien es

He makes me feel so proud of him, for being who he is 😊

One Piece. i love it

How much I cried when Ace died...

Se anche tu hai pianto in questa scena, lascia un "Mi Piace".

Grim Reaper Portgas D. Ace

Halloween anime boy One Piece Ace pumpkin death jack o lantern

Portgas d. Ace

By far the saddest arc in One Piece. It completely broke me the first time I saw it. Up until this point, no one had ever died in One Piece, not even bad guys. To lose Ace, and see Luffy so broken.