Living (Corriere della sera) novembre 2015 - Styling Alessandra Salaris Photo Beppe Brancato

Geometrias modernas_estilo de Alessandra Salaris e foto de Beppe Brancato / Modern geometry_styling Alessandra Salaris and Photo Beppe Brancato

Quadros: acerte na escolha da moldura e confira ideias para pendurar - Casa

Quadros: acerte na escolha da moldura e confira ideias para pendurar

how do you make a urban plunge pool cement water tank - Google Search

Olle Lundberg's Scavenged and Salvaged Cabin. The pool used to be a water tank for livestock. At diameter and deep it provides a wonderful black hole of water, particularly in a full moon.


These incredible, reflective buildings look almost invisible

Ekkehard Altenburger * Mirrorhouse Temporary installation on the Isle of Tyree (Scotland). Work was placed in natural lake reflecting the Atlantic Ocean.

For the British designer, a private home in London’s Mayfair became a chance to reinvent the idea of Englishness with an inky palette, and a unique room spray redolent of leather and mud.

Faye Toogood’s Moody Blues

themotifeye: “Faye Toogood, Renovation of a victorian flat in Mayfair, London ”


The subversive bridge

Moses Bridge / RO&AD ArchitectenCreative pedestrian bridge near Fort de Roovere in the Netherlands divides the water like Moses and allows people to safely cross to the other side.

˚Sant Francesc by David Closes Architects

Convent de Sant Francesc remodeled by architect David Closes is a church located in Santpedor, Spain. Built between 1721 and 1729 by Franciscan priests the church was long abandoned and its convent.

I'm not exactly what this is, but I like it :)

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