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We had Redbone Coon Hounds that except for the clothing, looked just like these guys.

How cute are these monsters? (link to Etsy shop)

Camilla the Happy Monster funky childlike illustration plushie toy design

Kids - Baby & Toddler - Stuffed Toy - Rag Doll - Robot - Boy - Create Your Own Custom Order. $55.00, via Etsy.

Robot - Build Your Own Robot Doll - Stuffed Robot - Kids - Toy - Stuffed Toy - Rag Doll - Plushie Toy

Esse bichinho vou fazer para a Vitória (minha quase neta).

No pattern or tute - but great inspiration for making a monster softie!

GIRLS'n'DOLLS (Игрушки, красота, творчество)

GIRLS'n'DOLLS (Игрушки, красота, творчество)

Monster Stuffed Animal Upcycled Funky Wool by sweetpoppycat - this guy is so cute!

Monster Stuffed Animal Upcycled Funky Wool Sweater Repurposed I love this sweater monster! What a fun sweater this was to work with, it felted