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Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 36 by on @deviantART

Aand here Chapter I of my comic ends (with beautiful bottle-confiscating ending) Comments very welcome! Cover of Chapter II: Previous page: Comic cover: CAN USE IF --> sap.

Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 35 by Sapphiresenthiss on deviantART

Mahigun, hurry up! Next page: Previous page: Comic cover: If y. Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 35

♡ ☠ ♡ - elentori's art blog the skeleton in the background is my favorite thing

Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh SOLANGELO will Solace <<<< I don't think Percy would be mad about not being Nico's type, but I think the skeleton on the other side<<yeah the skeleton is like OMG MY OTP IS COMING TRUE

Destiel Fanart ( aw this is so tragic and beautiful :')

if this show ever ends and it ends with some tragic, dramatic ending, I want them to cling to each other for dear life

Ooooohhhh Castiel part 2

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