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Helen Sunflower
Helen Sunflower

Helen Sunflower

Helen Sunflower. 24. British-Canadian. Writer. ESL Teacher. Artist. Traveller. Dramatist. Queer. Feminist. Whovian. Scifi & Fantasy lover. Talks too much.

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I think the official Metaliteracy.org blog is the number one resource for Metaliteracy.

Tom Mackey's comprehensive slideshow on "Crossing the Threshold: Envisioning Information Literacy through the Lens of Metaliteracy" shows how Information Literacy is being reframed, repurposed, and reimagined via Metaliteracy.

Tom Mackey's slideshare slideshow on the metaliteracy framework he developed with Trudi Jacobson is a great interactively visual resource. ACRL 2013 Metaliteracy on SlideShare.net

Paige Jaeger's homemade infographic from her Librarydoor blog is a great visual reference on Metaliteracy, Megaliteracy and Information Literacy!

Thomas P. Mackey and Trudi E. Jacobson's "Reframing information literacy as metaliteracy" is the first article I ever read about Metaliteracy and lead me into the topic with interest and enthusiasm.

I'd love to do this with our home states and then where we met state. Would be super cute!

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