"We're all mad here" - Alice in Wonderland | Possibly considering this tatoo.

karatechopcity: “I want a tattoo on my inside left forearm that reads ‘We’re all mad here…’ so I’m trying to come up with some designs and this is my first attempt ” I would love to get this, but move the hat a little bit higher up

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The semicolon is used when a sentence could have ended, but didn’t. If you have ever struggled with mental illness, you might want to be part of The Semicolon Movement. It helps serve a a reminder that your sentence doesn’t have to end, and you don’t have

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7 Couples Who Expressed Their Love Through Awesome Matching Tattoos. I would probably never get a couple tattoo but this is such a good quote ❤️

Touching words to pay tribute to a loved one. #inked #tattoo #quotetattoo #ribtattoo #memorialtattoo #memorial #tribute

Mourning the passing of a loved one is one of the hardest things we go through in life. Often people get tattoos to help them through the tough times. In this list you will find many heart warming .

Fire Phoenix "ALWAYS RISES FROM THE ASHES" = would be a perfect tattooo for me (a)

Sky above me, earth below me, fire within me - who has the fire within? We all have the sky above us and the earth below us, but we differ by the fire within us. What lights your fire? How big is your flame?

I cam I saw I loved

Photo (The Petite Flame)

Forget the traditional Latin.veni, vidi, vici (I came I saw I conquered). I came I saw and I Loved. Great back of the arm tattoo

"Oh, this? Just an emerald-eyed monster hiding out beneath my flesh." | 18 Optical Illusion Tattoos That Will Make You Take A Second Look

Funny pictures about Awesome Cheshire Cat Tattoo. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome Cheshire Cat Tattoo. Also, Awesome Cheshire Cat Tattoo photos.

I like this. No outline, gradient color around my upper right arm

I seriously love this idea----could be so pretty to incorporate this (something other than birds for me) woven throughout a half sleeve. Rainbow Colored Birds (Tattoo U)