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Ninjago Breakdance AU by xiodorous

I made a bunch of these a long time ago but never posted them? Anyways, breakdance AU. The story: Sensei Wu was a former breakdancer in his younger years and had quit for a long time now.

Something that I've been thinking about for a long time <<<<< guys, it's actually possible tho. If Misako's mom was blonde and her dad was brown, and we can assume that one of Garmadon's parents were blond as well since Wu has blond hair, then the chances are low, but it is possible that Lloyd has blond hair. However, if both of Misako's parents are brown headed, then we have reason to speculate about who's child Lloyd is

Because blonde hair is a recessive trait, so Garmy and Misako were probably heterozygous for blonde hair, making their genotypes Bb and Bb, so Lloyd got bb, making him blonde.

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Ninjago Movie Lloyd Drawings Highschool by YASSDENSWH

Ninjago Movie Lloyd Drawings (Y he be so dames hot and cute at the same flipping time?

Tara: HAHAHA I REM-REMBER THAT D-DAY HAHAHAHA   Lloyd:stap it tawa....tara: kisses his cheak"  clam down

Redraw of a scene from Rise of the Snakes, when I saw that episode couldn’t stop thinking about how unfair is four dudes bullying a child and leave it hanging there XD But can you see th.