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Doctor and the captin:

Jack and Ten's relationship summed up. <--- non-whovians will think we are heartless when, in fact, we have two hearts <---- And we still can't understand how you humans can stand just one heart!<---Geez Jack hurry up and come back to like.

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Sterek (enforced handholding)  Please tell me there's a fic of this somewheeeere. :'(

Sterek AU: Like that news story where the principal gave two students a choice of punishment: hold hands in public for an hour or be suspended. They chose hand holding

#wattpad #fanfic Stiles arto de los malos tratos y desprecios, renuncia a la manada en busca de quienes realmente lo valoren, aunque en el fondo le duela estar separado de su lobo Derek, de quien está enamorado secretamente Dentro de su búsqueda por alguien que lo valore, encontrará a 3 jóvenes con un misterio sobr...

Heart beats fast Colors and promises How to be brave? How can I love when I'm afraid to fall? But watching you stand alone, All of my doubt suddenly goe. A Thousand Years